Leader Business is Metro-Detroit's leader in Office Equipment
Leader Business is Metro-Detroit's leader in office equipment
Leader Business specializes in document management solutions for the Detroit area

Document Management

Today's office solutions are more than just hardware solutions. Leader Business now has a full complement of software solutions to help your company save time, save money and improve productivity.

Here are just a few of the advantages that our software solutions can offer your company:


Reduce your file room storage and off-site document storage by storing your documents electronically. Electronic documents are easy to retrieve, automatically organized, high in image quality, and easy to back up.

Disaster Recovery

Paper documents can easily be destroyed in the event of a natural disaster. By backing up your documents electronically, you insure the continuity of your business in the event of an unforeseen occurrence. A good disaster recovery plan will allow you to recover your documents with a flip of a switch.


Corroboration within a department or throughout an entire company requires many steps within a business process. For example, a shipping company must process proof of delivery documents in order to receive payment. Electronic documents can speed up the process, decrease errors, eliminate loss documents and improve your cash flow.


For many reasons paper documents are just not as secure as electronic documents. Leader Business offers a full line of solutions to secure your new documents, process your current documents and output your stored documents. We handle the entire document lifecycle from creation of documents to destruction of documents.


We you are away from your office, paper documents are limited to access via fax, overnight delivery and USPS mail delivery. Electronic documents are accessible from anywhere and anytime. You can even securely access your important documents right from your cell phone.