Leader Business is Metro-Detroit's leader in Office Equipment
Leader Business is Metro-Detroit's leader in office equipment

Full-Service Maintenance Agreements

Copier drums for color copiers on display

Any business person who has leased or purchased a copier knows that copiers require period maintenance in order to continue to function properly. As a result, when leasing (or purchasing) copiers it is important to not only select a good product, but to also select a great service provider.

Leader Business supports your investment in copiers, printers and other office solutions by providing factory-trained highly-skilled service professionals to keep your equipment at peak efficiency. Our technicians focus on quick response time, minimizing downtime and proactive parts replacement.

Our full-service maintenance agreements include all parts, labor, preventive service calls, toner and all supplies (except for staples and paper which may vary by user preference). Since our maintenance agreements are all-inclusive, they are easy to budget. You never have to worry about an unusually high service bill because parts and labor are included in your maintenance agreement.

When you do need service or toner for your copier, service is as simple as a quick phone call. We never force you to speak to a computerized auto-attendant because at Leader Business we believe in personalized customer service (human to human).

Even though we focus on personalized customer service; we also support you with the latest technology solutions, such as:

  • Auto-mated meter reading
  • Auto-mated service dispatch (available on selected equipment)
  • Auto-mated toner replenishment (coming in 2015)
  • Service call hierarchy (based on the service issue)
  • Electronic service ticketing

We are also one of the only local copier dealers providing free non-priority delivery of toner to anywhere in the Metro-Detroit area.

Our high quality copiers and printers combined with a full-service maintenance agreement allow you to focus on what really matters – the advancement of your business!