Leader Business is Metro-Detroit's leader in Office Equipment
Leader Business is Metro-Detroit's leader in office equipment

Equipment Service

Service technician repairing a copier

Leader Business provides you with quality equipment service because we are authorized and certified by the product manufacturer to give you the best service available. Here are just a few of the key advantages of our service team:


All of our service technicians and systems engineers are trained by the product manufacturer. This is important because highly trained technicians mean less downtime and fewer repeat service calls to your company. It also means that your equipment will functions at or above the manufacturer specifications so you will get the most out of your equipment.

4-Hour Average Response Time

Our service technicians focus on meeting your needs with fast and efficient equipment service. On average, we meet or exceed the industry standard 4-hour response time for service calls. This leads to less downtime for your office staff.

Experience Service Technicians

Leader Business service technicians have average industry tenure of over 15 years. As a result, your service calls are handled efficiently the first time! Our service technicians know our business, and they know that good customer service.

Proactive Parts Replacement

Our service technicians will not waste your time by waiting for you to call at each preventive service interval. If you place a service call, our technician complete a thorough check of all equipment functions to replace all necessary parts so you will not be inconvenienced with repeat service calls and downtime.

In summary, our job is to keep your copiers, printers and other office equipment functioning at peak efficiency so you can focus of your business!